march for you。

Which a sound settled my side, for passes seems to be at all.
Do you know the person who passed a way in a while a go?

I do not demand this, Can you feel my loneliness?
But I want just to pat you now.

Which a something by my side, for what? It never disappears.
Do you know the person who took a trip to somewhere?

You do not demand me, I can feel your loneliness.
Today has nothing changed and Over.

After a while you start to get back to home.
Everywhere in town it's getting dark.
What can I do, what can I be, when I can just sing for you.

I can not watch Heaven everywhere,I may never say to you.
If you are the same as me,I am saved.
It's march of life.
We line up till when and may walk?
Will we leave here someday?
Can you feel me just by your side?
It's march of life.

Do you remember that day, when we met for the first time?
The sky is so still blue and wonderfull, Look still it now.
Please tell me color of the wind, I just sing for you my dear.
Feel me just sing for you.
It's march of life.

Happy Birthday MyDear.
by matsumoto_nayuta | 2010-02-03 00:01 | music

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